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Suede and Leather Dry Cleaners

Suede and leather cleaning is a very specialised craft and should only be carried out by trained craftsmen. Here at Launda Vista we've been involved in leather cleaning for over 20 years and have all the necessary skills and expertise to clean and rejuvenate most garments. We also provide a leather repairs and alterations service.


We start by carefully inspecting your garments for stains, dyes, weaknesses and suitability for cleaning, etc. The cleaning process then follows using an extra delicate solvent to remove general soiling and stains. We then recondition your garments using natural oils which not only give them a great finish but greatly increase their lifespan. As part of the finishing process the garments are treated with Scotchguard or an equivalent silicone product. Whilst this will not 'waterproof' the item it will help to protect against soiling. (New garments can be Scotchguarded without them having to be cleaned). Finally pressing and finishing before another 3 point inspection.


The process is much longer (we need at least a week) and the cleaning solvents and oils are unique and expensive. Also proper and safe leather cleaning requires specialist knowledge and training. However its not too painful when you consider leather and suede doesnt normally need cleaning nearly as often as other materials!.


Stain removal is never simple (especially on suede) due to the delicate nature of the solvent and other cleaning agents. General soiling should not be allowed to build up otherwise it becomes ingrained and difficult to remove. As with all cleaning we cannot guarantee complete stain removal.

All suede & leather is dyed in manufacturing. Some manufaturers use less than satisfactory dyeing methods which can result in greater colourloss in cleaning - something we cannot predict!. However our process ensures that it is kept to a minimum and can generally be restored in finishing. Colourloss can sometimes mark off on linings.

We dont usually clean bags or shoes but can often spot clean them at owners risk.

Useful Hints & Tips

  • Always treat Suede & Leather with great care - stains are much easier to prevent than to remove.
  • When wet, leave to dry in a well ventilated area and make sure it is completely dry before putting away (if mildew forms it can rarely be removed). Wet or water damaged suede can generally be improved by brushing up the nap, or bring it into Launda Vista for treatment.
  • As leather is pre-stretched in tanning it is possible that it will relax in cleaning, normally this is not noticeable.
  • Never clean part of an outfit, colour variation may occur.
  • When storing never leave garments under the plastic cover (leather breaths), where possible us a cotton cover for protection.
  • Did you know leather and suede are from both made from skins but from different sides!.
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