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Specialist Curtain Cleaning

When its time to clean you curtains it's important you choose an experienced and properly equipped cleaner. Correct and safe curtain cleaning requires expert knowledge as well as special custom made machinery.


  • Thorough cleaning - Our superlarge dry cleaning machinesallow curtains to move freely in the drum for a really thorough clean.
  • Delicate cleaning - We have special delicate cleaning programs specifically designed for curtains. These programs with reduced mechanical action and lower temperatures minimise the stress to linings, threads, weights and trim.
  • Guaranteed no shrinkage - Shrinkage is a distinct possibility when cleaning curtains especially for the first time. Before we clean your curtains we carefully record their length. At the finishing stage thanks to our investment in a Sandershade curtain finishing machinewe can now re-measure and if necessary re-stretch your curtains during the steaming process. The Sandershade provides an outstanding even and uniform finish unobtainable with older more traditional finishing methods. (available only with specialist cleaning)
  • Crease free storage - Our unique method of storing curtains by hanging them ensures that they return to you without unsightly folding marks. This also allows us to package your curtains with bands which help preserve the pleats.


You bring your curtains to us or we come to you to collect and if required take down. (We don't clean your curtains whilst hanging in your home as in our opinion it's ineffective). Processing normally requires 3 days.


We price your curtains by weight - from £10 per kg. Take down re hang is charged at £30 per hour. Collection and delivery no extra charge. There is currently a 15% discount for curtains brought into our flagship store. find us


We clean all types including pencil, box and goblet pleated headings, curtains lined, interlined, blackout linings, pelmets, swags, cascades, tie backs etc. We also clean blinds, Roman blinds, nets (laundered), covers, blankets and other associated household items.


Dry cleaning curtains involves movement in the processing. This can exaggerate weaknesses in your curtains - for example sun damaged linings can tear and sun damaged colours can lighten.

Most curtains shink approx 3% in dry cleaning especially if cleaned for the first time and or with interlining. Guaranteed no shrinkage is only available on our specialist service (£14 per kg) due to the extra time and machinery involved.

Black out linings can only be accepted at owners risk - there is a risk of the rubberised part de-laminating. (specialist cleaning only with its lower temperatures)

Curtains with water damage are unlikely to return like new after dry cleaning. Water marks are usually ringed and set in with time and are not normally possible to remove.

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